Triggers, or Automations, are a key benefit of Tokeet.  
A trigger is an instruction to Tokeet to perform a particular action when an event occurs. For example, triggers can be used to notify you and your guests via email or SMS when a new booking is received.  Tokeet currently does not automatically send email when events occur, so we recommend setting up triggers in order to receive account notifications.

Before creating a trigger, you need to build a Message Template.  Triggers require message templates to work.

Triggers are extremely powerful, and are easy to create in Tokeet.  

  • Navigate to Settings > Automation
  • Click "Create" to build a new trigger.

Complete required fields:

 Select event that will trigger your template being sent

  • Guest Created: Guest is created either via the dashboard, from a Tokeet website or widget, or from a channel connection.
  • Guest Updated: Guest is updated via the dashboard or a channel connection.
  • Guest Deleted: Guest is deleted from the dashboard.
  • Guest Message: Message is received from a guest
  • Inquiry Created: Inquiry is created via the dashboard, a Tokeet website or widget, or an API channel connection.
  • Booking Confirmed: Booking confirmed via dashboard or connected API channel
  • Booking Cancelled: Booking cancelled via dashboard or connected API channel
  • Hold Created: Hold event is created via the dashboard or connected iCal channel
  • Hold Deleted: Hold event is deleted via the dashboard or connected iCal channel
  • Invoice Created
  • Invoice Paid 
  • Invoice Cancelled 
  • Contract Signed
  • Contract Rejected
  • Time-based events: specify an action that occurs at a particular time around another event.  Learn more about time-based triggers here.  
  • iCal Import Error
  • Critical Error

If selected, the trigger will fire only for event on this channel(s)

If selected, the trigger will fire only for event on this rental(s)

  • Send Email Message 
  • Send Contract 
  • Send SMS Message (Read more here)
  • Send HTTP Post: (Read more here)
  • Send Push Notification: (Read more here)
  • Select internal users (Administrators, Property Managers, Property Owner, Accounting and House Staff) to send the template to
  • Select "Also Send to Guest" to include guest

 Select a message template, or create a new one

Your new trigger is now created!  You are returned to the Triggers-Message Automation Screen.

Here, you can use filters to search among existing triggers, edit and delete triggers, or toggle the status of each trigger between "Active" and "Paused."

: once a Trigger is created, it is important to be mindful of actions taken via the Tokeet dashboard as they may fire a trigger event each time. For example, repeatedly canceling and confirming a booking may send multiple email messages to a guest.

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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