Your reservation calendar is the most important tool when running a rental business. It helps you keep track of what’s going on with your rental and communicates your availability to prospective guests. Most rental managers will be lost without their reservation calendar and running a rental operation is almost impossible without one.

Tokeet takes the standard calendar design and makes it even more powerful. With Tokeet, all of your booked inquiries will automatically show in your rental calendar. 

You may then filter your calendar by rental, if you have multiple rentals, or you can view all rentals on one calendar. Switching calendar dates is easy and Tokeet provides many different date views at the top of each calendar. You may also click on any of the events on your calendar and go directly to the associated inquiry.

You can create bookings or calendar holds directly from your standard calendar. A calendar hold allows you to block off some time on your calendar without creating a reservation. It prevents a reservation from being made on the dates that are held without first removing the hold.

Tokeet also has three calendar views which you may use. 

  1. Standard calendar which gives you the traditional view of your inquiries
  2. Planning calendar which allows you to see your entire rental operation across an entire year
  3. Agenda calendar which provides detailed operational information about what is happening each day. 

Each calendar view is perfect for different tasks and we know you’re love using them.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at We’re are happy to help.

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