You may often find a need to share your detailed calendar or booking information with others, but don’t want to give them a user login into your account. Maybe you may need to share your calendar with other agents, or share booking details with an owner. Whatever the reason, Tokeet now makes it easy. With a few simple clicks, the shareable content feature allows you to share detailed information from your Tokeet account with persons who may not be your account users.

The first shareable content is your Tokeet calendar. Now you can send anyone a URL to view the detailed version of your calendar with all the various hold event types. The recipient will now be able to see what days have confirmed or pending bookings, and days that have been blocked off for personal use or maintenance. The shared calendar will also have key information about the property such as the property name, address, and description.

To share your calendar simply go to your Standard Calendar in Tokeet and click the ADD button then select the Share Calendar option.

A pop-up settings window will appear where you may name your shared calendar and set an optional password. You can also add notes that will be displayed on your shared calendar. If no password is set then your shared calendar link will be accessible by anyone. If you add a password then the recipient will need to enter this password to access the shared calendar. Don’t worry, you can always change or reset your password at anytime.

When you have finished updating the settings, click the SHARE button. This will return a URL that you can now send to anyone you like.

To update your existing shared calendar settings, go to your dashboard settings by clicking the SETTINGS menu button at the top right of each page, then select the "Share Content" option. From there you can enable or disable your shared content and update the password. You may also delete the shared content completely.

If you have any questions about this or any other feature please contact us at We’re happy to help.

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