The standard calendar is the first entry point when you log into your Tokeet dashboard and probably the most important resource in your account. It allows you to see which dates are reserved for your rental(s) and which are available. However, the Tokeet standard calendar provides much more features and functionality than just these basic functions. In this article we will explore the features of your standard calendar and discuss best practices when using it.

Updating The Calendar

Let’s start by discussing what actions impact the standard calendar. The standard calendar is affected by the following actions:

  • When you confirm a booking from within an inquiry detail. This turns the inquiry into a confirmed booking and displays the booked dates on your calendars. Unconfirmed inquiries do not show on any Tokeet calendar. Also, note that multiple bookings may occupy the same dates on your Tokeet calendar. This is useful when you have multiple groups within the same booking who want separate billing/communication, or if your rental can have multiple, separate groups at the same time.
  • When you create a booking directly from the standard calendar by either clicking on a date in the calendar or using the ADD button at the top right of the calendar. This creates a confirmed booking, i.e. an inquiry that has been confirmed, and displays the associated booking dates on your calendar.
  • When you create a hold event by clicking the ADD button at the top right of the calendar. This blocks the associated dates on your calendar and prevents another hold event or booking from occupying the same dates. Note that hold events are different than bookings in that you cannot have any other overlapping booking or hold event on the same date as another hold event. Hold events block their associated dates exclusively. Also, a hold event type has no impact on this behavior. Please note that only Hold Events of type Confirmed are pushed to your channels, even though all hold events appear on your calendar. For more details on hold events click here.
  • If you have imported an iCal URL, Tokeet will create hold events based on the bookings retrieved in that URL. Tokeet will update these bookings every 15 to 30 minutes to ensure accuracy.
  • If you have an API connection with a channel, like or, then new bookings created on those channels will instantly and automatically create confirmed bookings on your calendars.

Overlapping Dates

As mentioned above, only confirmed bookings are allowed to overlap while hold events cannot overlap with bookings or other hold events. When checking for overlaps, Tokeet ignores the last day of the booking or hold event. This is to keep consistent with most channels, like and, and it also assumes that you can have same day turn around for your rentals. If you do not allow same day turn around or you typically have late checkouts then we recommend ensuring that there is no overlap on the last day of a booking. There is no feature in Tokeet to turn this check on for you. Tokeet also does not consider the check-in and check-out times entered on the inquiry detail. You will have to pay close attention to these to ensure there are no overlaps.

Even though multiple bookings may overlap, Tokeet will show booked dates as unavailable in your calendar widget, shared calendar, and on your channels. In other words, once any confirmed booking or hold event is placed on a specified date that date will show as unavailable on all external calendars and Tokeet will automatically update your channels as well. You may add another confirmed booking on that date, but you will have to do so from within the Tokeet dashboard.

Viewing Your Calendar

Your standard calendar has multiple views. You can view your bookings by week or by month. You can also choose to view all rentals on the same calendar or view one rental at a time. Each rental is color-coded so it can be immediately differentiated from other rentals. Be sure to select unique colors for your rentals so there is no confusion when viewing your calendars. If you choose to view your rentals individually then you will also notice the nightly rate for each night of your rentals displayed on the standard calendar.

If you ever have any questions about the standard calendar please send us an email at We’re happy to help.

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