Connecting your Airbnb and Tokeet accounts is easy and effective. Once connected, Tokeet will automatically update your Airbnb availability, importing inquiries and bookings from Airbnb, and allow you to message your Airbnb guests from within Tokeet, without having to log into Airbnb.

  • Navigate to Channels > "Add Channel"
  • In the list of Channels, select Airbnb API  > "Add"
  • Enter your Airbnb login credentials to initiate the connection
  • You can also import your listings from Airbnb by selecting the"also import rentals" checkbox.  This will create a new rental in Tokeet for every property you have listed and active in Airbnb.  Check this option only if you haven't already created these rentals in Tokeet.

That's it! Tokeet will now connect your Tokeet account to Airbnb, import all inquiries and bookings, and create rentals if you selected the checkbox above.

Tip:  You will want to turn Airbnb Smart Pricing OFF in order for Airbnb to honor the rates you set in Tokeet.  Here's where you can change this setting in Airbnb:

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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