The Tokeet Connector for Chrome is a simple browser extension which makes it easy for you to add your Airbnb accounts to Tokeet.   If you use Safari: click here.

1. Installing the Tokeet Connector

  • Click "Add extension" to confirm

That's it! The Tokeet Connector is now installed and can be used by pressing the Tokeet icon to the right of your Chrome browser address bar.  

2. Use the Tokeet Connector Extension

  • First, log into your Airbnb account at . If you were logged in with a different account, log out and log back in with the correct account.
  • After you've logged into Tokeet, and are currently on the Tokeet app tab, click the Tokeet Connector icon to the right of your browser address bar.
  • Enter in your Airbnb Credentials and click "Validate Airbnb Account". If your login fails then check your credentials to ensure they are correct.
  • Once your account has been validated click "Save Info to Tokeet". This will save your Airbnb account info into your Tokeet account. 

Note:  You must be currently viewing your Tokeet account in your web browser when you press Save Info to Tokeet. If you receive an airlock challenge, please follow the instructions in the extension.

  • Reload the "Channels" screen in Tokeet to view updated info from Airbnb

That's it, your Airbnb data is now refreshed in Tokeet! Once the connection is made you no longer need to use Chrome or the Tokeet Connector. You may log out of Google Chrome, or close the browser entirely and return to your preferred web browser.

If you have multiple AirBnb accounts
, please log out of the connector before adding the new credentials to initiate the connection process for the next account.

If you have multiple Tokeet accounts, please log out of both the connector and the previous Tokeet account before starting the process again on the next Tokeet account.

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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