There are a number of best practices and things to consider when you connect your account to Tokeet.

You can simply follow Tokeet's wizard, which provides a status of completion of each step.  Once each step is completed, a green checkmark is shown to the left of the step.

Connect your Property to Tokeet

Connecting to Tokeet is a multi-step process and often users skip a step, usually the last one. Please read the detailed connection instructions carefully and be sure to follow all steps.   All the following steps need to be completed:

  • In Extranet (, designate Tokeet as the Channel Manager
  • Tokeet receives an email from and approves the connection
  • You receive an email from and confirm the connection in extranet.  It's very important that this step is completed, or your availability and rate pushes will not work.  

Note: Once you’ve established the 2-way connection between Tokeet and, you will no longer be able to manage your availability and pricing within the extranet. Therefore, it is very important that your Tokeet information (rates and availability) is complete and correct up to 12 months in the future. Also, until you push your rates and availability from Tokeet to  your rentals will be disabled in extranet. This is's way of ensuring that all channel manager connections are completed and functional. So don't panic when it happens--it's normal.

Expect it to take about one hour to complete the connection and have everything working. 

Link to Tokeet Rental, Synchronize Availability and Rates

Now you've finished making the connection between Tokeet and you must finalize everything by pushing rates and availability from Tokeet to
We suggest that you perform the following steps in order.

  • Link your property to a Tokeet Rental
  • Once the link has been made, any new bookings or hold events which are created for your Tokeet rental will be automatically pushed to This means that bookings created in Tokeet or any of your other linked channels will be pushed to your property.
  • Import bookings from  Now that Tokeet and has a connection, you need to import your bookings to Tokeet. This will ensure that Tokeet is aware of any bookings previously made on 

Note: Tokeet can only import current and future bookings. Completed bookings will not be imported.  Also, the email address of guests imported in this way will not be accurate, since does not provide this data to Tokeet.  You will have to manually update these email addresses from the information located in the booking details within Only email addresses of guest from new bookings which occur after the connection will be available.

  • Push rates from Tokeet to You will want to take the time to accurately setup your rates in Tokeet. We suggest using Standard Rates for now to simplify the process. You must then push these rates from Tokeet to  Please review this help article on best practices of setting your rates for
  • Push availability from Tokeet to  Please check your Tokeet calendar for this rental and ensure that your calendar is accurate and up to date.
  • If you are having trouble pushing availability:  add a temporary Hold event to your Rental with status Confirmed.  Once the connection is made, you can go back and delete the Hold event.  Here's more info on Hold Events.

Best Practices - Synchronizing Rates 

  • When pushing your rental rates from Tokeet into, please ensure that your rates are complete and correct in Tokeet as your Tokeet rates will completely replace the rate information that is in your account. 
  • Make sure that you set the currency, for each rental correctly, to match the currency used for that rental on 
  • If you would like your rates to be different than the rates on your other channels, you can create a new rate category in Tokeet just for and map it to this channel to seamlessly push updates with a single click. 
  • The base rate of your rental is always included regardless of which rate category you choose to push, so please consider this when pushing your rates. 
  • Remember that rates are not synced automatically, unless you use Dynamic Rates. You will have to explicitly push your Standard Rates and Promotional Rates from Tokeet into This will allow you to experiment and make changes within Tokeet without worrying about these rates being published before you can finalize them.
  • If you have occupancy based pricing turned on in, i.e. you charge an extra fee for each guest over a certain threshold, you may need to add that value into your Tokeet rates as well. 
  • This depends on your configuration. Sometimes expects the max person rate from the channel manager and sometimes it expects the low occupancy rate. This setting is not visible in the extranet so you will have to experiment with your Tokeet rates. 

Best Practices - Synchronizing Availability

  • Synchronizing availability between Tokeet and is done automatically once your connection is complete. Tokeet will send any new booking or confirmed hold event to and block those dates on your calendar.
  • Note that even though you don’t explicitly choose to sync your Tokeet calendar with, any new holds or bookings you create in Tokeet or import from another channel will be blocked off on your calendar automatically to avoid overbooking. This feature allows you to leave your availability just as it is now and only update it automatically when there is a new booking or hold in Tokeet.

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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