The Tokeet API integration with brings all the key features of directly into your Tokeet dashboard. To get started with connecting Tokeet with please see this article. Some of the things you can do from your Tokeet dashboard are:

  • Push your rates from Tokeet to You can utilize the simple and intuitive Tokeet rates system to create complex rates within We’ve also added a new rate category feature that allows you to create groups of rates so you can push different rates to different rate plans in For more on rate categories please click here. Tokeet supports minimum and maximum stays when syncing rates with To prevent any errors or incorrect rates from being synced you will need to explicitly push rates to using the Push Rates feature, as Tokeet does not perform this action automatically.

  • Sync your availability with You can push your availability from your Tokeet calendar to with the click of a button. This will overwrite your current calendar with the information located in Tokeet, so be certain that your Tokeet calendar is up to date and complete. Also, any hold events or bookings that you create in Tokeet will be automatically pushed to your calendar. So if you have imported external calendars from other channels those booked dates will also be automatically pushed to As new booked dates are created on your external calendars they will also be marked as booked in This is another great way that Tokeet keeps everything updated and synced for you automatically.

  • Get instant booking notifications. Whenever a booking is created, updated, or canceled on it will be instantly and automatically updated in your Tokeet dashboard. Tokeet will create a new inquiry for each new booking generated on and automatically push this availability change to your other connected channels. The newly created inquiry will have all the booking information located in the inquiry details. When the booking is updated or canceled on it will also be updated and canceled in Tokeet as well, instantly and automatically.

To access the features please go to the channels section in your Tokeet dashboard by clicking the Channels button at the top right of each page. Then click the the logo. If you're having trouble connecting to please contact us at

Things to consider:

  • Please be aware that once the connection is completed, all updates of Rates, Availabilities and Restrictions all need to be sent to exclusively via the interface served by the IT Provider. Manual entries will no longer be possible via the extranet. Rates & Availability grids will be visible in the extranet for you to view and monitor. However, rates and availability updates will be sent by Tokeet via your dashboard.

  • Reservations, Modifications and Cancellations will be re-transmitted to the hotel via the Tokeet dashbaord. However, it is the responsibility of the hotel to always keep track of the Extranet to monitor the status of each booking generated online.

If you have any questions or need help with the integration, please email us at We're happy to help.

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