Here are the steps for connecting your Expedia account to Tokeet. Please follow these steps carefully and if you ever need help please reach out to

1. Login to, should you need help with this please reach out to
2. Once logged into EPC select your hotel then navigate to the the Rates and Inventory tab as illustrated below.
3. Select Expedia Quick Connect Settings.

4. From the next screen select the System Provider name Tokeet from the dropdown, then select both Connectivity Options (Availability Rates, Booking Retrieval) and click on Submit.

5. This will be the display after the connection is successful. An email will be sent to Tokeet from Expedia with the connection details for your property. We will then setup the connection within Tokeet and notify you by email once this is complete.

In order for Tokeet to receive the email address of your guests from Expedia you must ask your Expedia Market Manager to enable this setting. This setting cannot be enabled from within Tokeet or the Expedia extranet. Without this setting enabled you will not be able to communicate to your guests directly from within Tokeet.

If you have any questions please contact us at, we're happy to help.

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