With Tokeet's powerful Signature feature, you can send rental agreements and other contracts to your guests, who can then digitally sign these documents and send them back to you seamlessly from within Tokeet.   

We at love this feature at Tokeet because it bypasses the need for our users to pay for 3rd-party electronic signature services, or ask guests to print out, sign, scan and send back documents.

It's easy to create an email message template with Signature functionality in Tokeet.

  • Navigate to  Settings > My Templates
  • Click New, then select "Contract Template" from the drop-down menu.

Here you'll be able to enter the text and information for your template. Once you're ready to add a Signature function to the template, enter the *|CONTRACT:SIGNATURE|* data token. 

You might also want to include additional data tokens like the guest name or date. To see more data tokens, click on the book icon in the row of icons above your template text box. This will open the data dictionary, which will show a list of all available data tokens.

When you enter one of these tokens into a template, the message itself will feature the actual information that the token represents.

When the contract signature token is included in the template, all messages with that token will feature a request for a digital signature. Once your guest receives the contract, signs it, and sends it back, you both will receive a signed digital copy for your records.

Send your Contract to Guests

Once the contract message template is saved, it can be sent to your guests via two methods:

  • In Tokeet Inquiries, New Message > select your contract template
  • Via a Tokeet Trigger (automated email message)

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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