Tokeet Signature is our fully integrated, electronic document signature feature. With Tokeet Signature, there’s no need to use expensive electronic signature providers or require your guests to print, sign, scan, then send back rental agreements or other contracts.

With the Signature feature, you can create multiple contract templates, automatically populate a template with your guest’s information, then send that contract directly to your guest. You can even select an option to require your guest to upload an ID.

Your guest will receive a link to the contract which they can read and then sign from any device using a mouse or their finger. Once the contract is signed, both you and your guest will receive a digital copy for your records. There will also be a copy of the executed contract in your Tokeet File Cabinet for future reference.

Tokeet Signature is designed to work seamlessly with other Tokeet features including automated triggers, message templates, the Tokeet data dictionary, and more. 

  • Use Triggers to automatically send contracts to guests when they book or pay an invoice.
  • With data dictionary you can automatically include the guest, rental and booking details in the contract before it is sent with a trigger or manually on the inquiry messaging page.
  • Your contracts will remain safe and sound in your Tokeet File Cabinet if you need to review them in the future. We highly recommend that you download a copy of the contract to your local storage and print it if needed.
  • We have also created two new Event types, Contract Signed and Contract Rejected, so you can create triggers that fire whenever a contract is signed or rejected.

Tokeet Signature will simplify your vacation rental process and give you one less task to worry about. Plus, by making the booking experience easier for your guests, Signature makes the process easier and more effective for you, too. 

For more information about Signature, please ask our support team. 

Thank you for helping to make Tokeet great!

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