Message templates are a smart way to reduce the time needed to run your rental business. You can create multiple message templates for messages that you routinely send to guests and save those templates in Tokeet. These templates save you from repeatedly typing the same messages over and over to prospective guests.

You can access your message templates by clicking on the Settings button at the top right of the menu bar, then selecting the Templates option. This will bring you to the Templates pages where you may create, update, or delete your message templates.

Creating a template is as easy as typing your message in the message box located on the page. When finished, click the “SAVE NEW” button below the message box. A “New Template” dialogue box will appear and prompt you to name your template. Be sure to give your template a descriptive name. Now click the “SAVE” button on the dialog box. That’s it! Your message template is now accessible on the Inquiry message page.

After saving your template you can rename, update, or delete that template. Simply click on the dropdown marked SELECT TEMPLATE located at the bottom of the message box and select your desired template. Now you update the template by editing the template text in the message box. When you’re done, click either SAVE NEW, DELETE, or UPDATE based on your desired action. Clicking the UPDATE button will save your changes and allows you to rename the message template or retain the existing name. Clicking SAVE NEW will save this as a new template.

When creating a template you can insert special placeholders from our data dictionary which will be replaced with Guest or Inquiry data. A data dictionary is a set of tags that, when placed in a template, will be replaced with internal Tokeet data. For more information please see the help center.

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