Sending invoices is a routine part of running a rental business. Most rental manager sends invoices to guest as a formal request for payment towards a reservation. However, creating an invoice normally requires copying and pasting the new booking information into a document template, unless you pay for an expensive invoicing application.

Tokeet makes sending invoices easy and free. To send an invoice with Tokeet simply go to your inquiry details page. Then scroll down to the ‘Billing and Payments’ table. Once there, click on the ‘Create Invoice’ button and Tokeet will create a new invoice for you that is populated with all the necessary information for this inquiry. You may make changes to this information if you wish, or add more line items to the invoice. You can also leave notes for the guest that will display on the invoice. If you’re satisfied with the invoice then click the save button at the top of the page. That’s it! Your invoice has been created. Now click the send button at the top of the page to send your invoice and a link to this invoice will be sent to your guest.

If you need to make updates to your invoice in the future you may do so and your updates will be immediately visible to the guest. There’s no need to create a new invoice.

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