Processing payments online is always a sensitive subject. Both rental managers and guests alike want to be assured that their payments are being handled in a secure, safe and encrypted manner. That’s why Tokeet uses payment gateways to process payments between guests and rental managers.

But how do payment gateways work with Tokeet? Due to PCI compliance rules Tokeet will never access payment information between you and your guests. We never store your guests credit card or other billing information. These are all stored on your payment gateway. Transactions made through a payment gateway via Tokeet are kept between you and your guest and Tokeet never collects or distribute money on your behalf.

Payment gateways allow you or your guest to input credit or debit card information to make one-time payments based on your billing, bookings or current rates.

We use only trusted payment gateway plugins to ensure that every single transaction is 100% secure and private so that you and your guests can always have peace of mind.

If you have more questions about payment gateways and other payment processes on Tokeet, visit our Help Center or reach out to a Tokeet expert for more information.

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