When setting rental rates for your rental vacation property, you may want to set unique rates for certain days of the week that will override your base rate or standard rate set for the remainder of the week. This can either be a higher rate for more popular days, like weekends, or a lower rate for days when you sometimes have a hard time filling your rental. The process for creating day-specific pricing is easy with Tokeet.

  1. From your Rentals page, select the rental for which you’d like to create day-specific pricing.
  2. On your individual rental’s page, select “Rates and Payments” from the contextual menu on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. If this menu is not visible, click on the drop-down icon at the bottom of the left-hand menu. This icon can be identified by three horizontal lines.
  3. From your “Rates and Payments” page, select the green “Add Rates” button. 
  4. From the drop-down menu that appears, select “Add Standard Rate”. 
  5. In the dialogue box that appears, scroll down to “Day Specific Pricing, right near the bottom. Click on the blue “+” sign to open the Day Specific Pricing menu.
  6. Here you can add nightly rates, per-guest fees and guest count limits for your day-specific pricing. Then, open the “Apply to days” drop-down menu to choose the days to which you would like this rate to apply. 
  7. You can then add additional, unique day-specific pricing if you’d like by clicking on the green “+” sign next to the day-specific pricing menu.
  8. Once you’re satisfied with your settings, select the green “Save” button.
  9. You have now created day-specific pricing for your vacation rental!

Day-specific pricing is a powerful tool that can be used by savvy rental managers to fill their rental and earn more. Experiment with day-specific pricing to find out how it effects your bookings and learn as you go.

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