Each rental you create within Tokeet will automatically be assigned its own email address, but you might prefer to use a single email for all of your rentals. Here’s how you can do just that from within the Tokeet app.

When you initially signed up for Tokeet you created a domain for your Tokeet email addresses. This domain cannot be changed so be sure to select one you really like. Now when you add a new rental by clicking the Add button in the Rentals tab, Tokeet will automatically fill in the Email section with a default email handle based on the name of your rental and your tokeet domain. This handle combined with your domain makes up your Tokeet email address. However, you may add any handle to your Tokeet domain and email sent to the resulting email address will show in your Tokeet inbox.

Here is an example. Let’s say that your Tokeet domain is villas.tokeetmail.com. Well any handle you add to this domain, ex. luxury@villas.tokeetmail.com or info@villas.tokeetmail.com are all valid email addresses. Any email sent to these domains will be routed to your Tokeet inbox. So if you’d like to use one email address for all your villas simply create one by adding anything to your Tokeet domain. We recommend inquiries, which will result in inquiries@villas.tokeetmail.com

Now all of your rental inquiries and communications will be funneled through a single email source. While some rental managers prefer to use separate emails for organizational reasons, others prefer one centralized email because it allows them to easily access all messages at once.

If you have any further questions please search our help center or email us at
support@tokeet.com and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

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