Multiple users can have access to the same Tokeet account. This is a powerful function so it is important to understand the User Settings functionality.

After logging into your Tokeet account, the User Settings button will be located on the top right-hand corner of your page, under the SETTINGS menu. Once in User Settings, you can add any number of users to your account. There are four user types available within Tokeet (Administrators, Property Managers, Accounting and House Staff) and you can set the account type for each user.

To add a new user, click on the green button marked “ADD”, located to the right of the search field. An “Add User” dialogue box will pop up, prompting you to populate four mandatory fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Password and Repeat Password, which are all marked by a red asterisk. The other “Country” and “Phone Number” fields are both optional. After populating the necessary fields in the dialogue box, ensure that you select one of the four roles in the ‘Select Role” field, then click the SAVE button. It is important to select a role, as this determines the access level of each user. If your newly created user does not immediately show in your user list simply refresh the page. After you have created a user profile, you will now be able to edit, delete, or archive the profile.

Tokeet allows you to search and select a user in multiple ways. On the User Setting page at the bottom of the left sidebar, under the “User & Group Settings” section, you will see a list of the four types of Tokeet users. Selecting one type, for example the “Accounting” role, will produce a list of only the Accounting users within this Tokeet account. This will also apply to the selection of any other user types; Property Managers, House Staff or Administrators. Under this side tab you will also be able to select all of the users within this account.

Alternatively, you can view different users alphabetically, which speeds up the search process if you have a very large database. This is done by selecting one of the five alphabetical ranges located at the top of the Users list table (A-E, F-J, etc.). The search engine located at the top of the User page allows you to search for a particular user profile by any given field; whether it is by phone number, country, email address or name. Through the standard search engine, you will not able to search for a user by its user type; only under the “User and Group Settings” tab located at the bottom left of the User page.

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