Tokeet is all about giving you the power to manage all aspects of your vacation rental remotely with complete control. With that in mind, the Tokeet mobile app can be an incredibly powerful tool. One of its effective features is its ability to allow your house staff to view check-in and check-out information about a rental and mark their own check-ins and check-outs.

To access this feature in the app, a user must be specified as a House Staff user. You'll also need to make sure that a check-in and check-out time is marked on the inquiry through the web app. 

Your house staff including maintenance or cleaning can then log into the mobile app when they're close to the property and their app will show a Check-In button. Once they've checked themselves in, a Check Out button will appear. Once they're done at hte property and leave, they can touch the Check Out button.

Your house staff will be able to mark check-in and check-out through the mobile app using this feature. It's a great way to ensure accountability and know who is at your property and when. 

For more information, visit the Tokeet Help center or reach out to a Tokeet expert. 

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