Tokeet's User Settings is a feature that allows you to create, edit and delete users from your account. If you operate a rental management company, with many employees, it might be useful to create different users for your different staff members, depending on their job roles.

Tokeet's User Settings allows you to create 5 different user types: Administrators, Property Managers, Property Owner, Accounting and House Staff. Below, you will find a brief description of each different user type, and what it can access in your Tokeet account,


Administrator users get full access to all menus and modules available for the account subscription level, from creating invoices and setting calendar dates to adjusting payment and subscription information. The Administrator has complete control and visibility over the entire Tokeet rental management interface.

Property Managers

Property Manager users get full access to all menus and modules available for the account subscription level.

Property Owner

Property Owner users can access the Calendar and Reports modules with varying degrees of detail, based on their role and level of access, 


Accounting users have access to the Reports module. Booking and revenue data can be viewed and downloaded in a spreadsheet compatible form.

House Staff

House Staff users have access to the Calendar module. House Staff cannot see price details, cannot modify Inquiries, and cannot create Booking or Hold Events.

You can create a user of every type under SETTINGS / USER SETTINGS and then login with them to explore further. 

If you have additional information about the various user permission levels and account types, reach out to a Tokeet expert or read more from our support documentation.

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