What is Tokeet?

  • Tokeet is a Property Management System (PMS) and Channel Manager and not a Marketing Channel.

What is the difference between Tokeet and Airbnb?

  • Airbnb is a marketing channel focused on getting your rental(s) information out to the general public. Tokeet is focused on helping you to run your vacation rental business. 

How many channels do you connect to?

  • We connect to all channels, provided that they allow for importing and exporting.
  • Booking.com, Expedia and Airbnb are connected via our api. This allow for the updating of rates and availability. 
  •  All other channels are connected through iCal (calendar sharing),  this means no rate updates and only the blocking of calendar dates.
  • FlipKey/TripAdvisor only allows for importing. It is there policy not to allow exports.

Is there an app for an iPhone available?

  • Yes, the iOS app is available in iTunes.

Is there an Android app for Tokeet?

  • Yes, the Android app is in the Google play store.

Will Tokeet work in my part of the world?

  • Yes, Tokeet works everywhere.

Do you have any tutorials in case I get stuck with the procedure? 

How do I change my rental currency?

  • Here is a guide on change the currency on a rental:


Are there an added charges or do you charge commission?

  • No, with Tokeet you only pay a monthly subscription fee.  

How can I delete my account?

  • You will have to log into that account.
  • Under Settings -> Account Info there is an option to delete your account.  
  • We recommend that you disconnect your connections prior to deleting your account.

I now have the bookings from Booking.com, Expedia or Airbnb imported. How do I take payment? 

  • In Tokeet configure your Stripe account.
  • When someone enters a credit on Airbnb, Booking.com or Expedia that credit card number will be saved to your Stripe account. 
  • The Credit card number, CVC code and postal codes are needed for validation. 
  • When you create an invoice from that booking you will see the option "Pay by saved card".. click it.

We already have our website, does Tokeet have a widget or plugin that I can add to my site?

  • Tokeet offers a calendar and an inquiry widget that you can add to any site.

For Booking.com to be active you will need to do a few steps in Tokeet

  • Link your Booking.com property to an existing Tokeet rental.
  • Add rates to your rental that you would like to see on Booking.com.
  • Push the rates to Booking.com in the Channel Manager.
  • Please provide a screen shot of your Rates and Availability calendar from Booking.com if you have a question. this will allow me to verify the numbers.
  • Per person pricing ( for example: after two people charge $50 more with a max of 6 people) is a setting on the property. This has to be configured in Booking.com directly, this is their policy. 
  • You can send them a message saying something like: "I want to charge $100 for two people and $25 for each extra person up to 6 people".  The person per charge has to be same in Tokeet as you told Booking.com.. After that you can change the rate for 2 people in Tokeet at any time.  
  • Let me know if this makes sense.
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