What is Tokeet?

Tokeet is focused on helping you to run your vacation rental business -
across all your marketing channels including Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, your own website, and many others.  

Tokeet combines a Property Management System, a Channel Manager, and a Website Builder - in one seamless interface.   We simplify and streamline all of your management tasks--such as inquiries from guests, calendars that need to be synchronized across your marketing channels, quotes and invoices to send, and payments to process--among many other daily tasks.  

Tokeet is used daily by thousands of users across the globe, and serviced by a world-class customer success team.

What are the main benefits of Tokeet?

  • Tokeet Reservation Manager allows you to track your inquiries and bookings, create and send invoices to guests, and allow customers to pay online.  Your calendars, your guest lists, your inquiries, invoices, expenses, and reporting are easily managed in Tokeet.  
  • Tokeet Channel Manager synchronizes your calendar across your marketing channels, automatically.  Tokeet automatically and instantly updates your availability whenever you receive a booking from any of your marketing channels, or if you update your Tokeet calendar manually.  This saves you time and prevents costly double bookings.    Learn more here.
  • Tokeet Website Builder allows you to create a beautiful Tokeet-hosted website for your vacation rentals with just a few clicks, utilize your own custom website, or place Tokeet website widgets on your site.  Learn more here.
  • Tokeet Automations lets you automatically respond to guest messages, send reminders about due or past invoices, or send welcome or thank you emails and SMS messages  to your guests. Instantly send event-based messages from Tokeet into your connected Slack channel.  Learn more here.

What is the difference between Tokeet and Airbnb?

Airbnb, Expedia, Booking.com, Homeaway are marketing channels focused on getting your rental information out to the general public. Tokeet is focused on helping you to run your vacation rental business, across all your marketing channels including Airbnb and others.  

What channels does Tokeet connect to?

Please see the Tokeet Channel Manager Overview  for an in-depth look.

  • Tokeet is integrated via API with Airbnb, Booking.com, and Expedia - with more API partnerships added on an ongoing basis.
  • Managing channels via an API integration allows you to synchronize availability, update channel rates, and track booking notifications from the Tokeet platform.
  • Tokeet allows you to partner with every other marketing channel via iCal, or iCalendar. Our customers manage listings on channels including Homeaway, Tripadvisor, HolidayLettings, Wimdu, Filpkey, Villas.com, Housetrip, and many others.
  • Managing channels via iCal integration allows you to update availability between Tokeet and all your connected channels.  Rates for iCal channel listings are managed in the channels themselves.
  • FlipKey/TripAdvisor allows for importing; it is their policy not to allow exports.

Is there a mobile app available?

Will Tokeet work in my part of the world?

  • Tokeet can be used from any country around the world.  Likewise our customer success team is located in the US and around the world.  
  • You can change your rental currency to match the desired property rental currency by following this guide.  
  • Today, our system works in English only, but we are working on releasing support for multiple languages in the upcoming months.

Do you have any tutorials or webinars? 

  • Our help center full of informative videos and guides: http://help.tokeet.com/
  • In addition, we offer daily webinar training which you are welcome to participate in. 

Are there any added charges or do you charge commission?

  • Tokeet charges only a monthly subscription fee.  There are no per-booking, transaction, or usage fees beyond the subscription fee.  Please see our pricing plans in detail here:  http://www.tokeet.com/en/pricing.html

I have bookings from Booking.com or Expedia imported. How do I take payment? 

  • In Tokeet, you can configure Stripe as your payment gateway:  view Invoices & Billing help center article here.  
  • When someone pays via credit card on Booking.com or Expedia, that credit card number is saved to your Stripe account. 
  • When you create a future invoice from that booking, you will see the option to "Pay by saved card".

We already have a website, does Tokeet have widgets that I can add to my site?

  • Tokeet offers booking, calendar, inquiry, and search widgets that you can add to any site. Read more about the Tokeet Booking Widget here.  

How can I troubleshoot my Booking.com setup in Tokeet?

Here are the steps that are helpful to check in troubleshooting your Booking.com setup.

  • First, is Tokeet permissioned in your Booking.com extranet?  Many people forget one or more of the steps, especially the last one.   This is documented in detail here
  • Second, have you linked a rental, pulled in bookings, pushed rates, and pushed availability?  This is documented in detail here
  • If you are having trouble pushing Availability:  you may want to add a temporary Hold event to your Rental with status Confirmed.  Once the connection is made, you can go back and delete the Hold event.  Here's more info on Hold Events.
  • If you've pushed rates to Booking.com and see a discrepancy: please provide the Tokeet Support Team a screen shot of your Rates and Availability calendar from Booking.com. This will allow us to compare numbers.
  • Additional Guest pricing has to be configured in Booking.com directly.   You can send them a message saying asking something similar to "I want to charge $100 per day up to two people, and $25 for each additional person, up to 6 people". The per-person charge has to be same in Tokeet as in Booking.com.  After that, you can change the rate for two people in Tokeet at any time.  

It's great to have you onboard.  Please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help!

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