Sending an SMS is a great way to notify users of certain events in Automata. Not every user has the Tokeet mobile app installed and you may not want to allow your cleaners to access the app. So sending an SMS is a great alternative mode of communication. SMS is also a bit more immediate than an email and tend to be read sooner while the recipient is on the go.

Sending an SMS notification in Automata is simple and reliable. You can send an SMS via a Tokeet Trigger. Simply setup your trigger with your desired configuration and select Send SMS Message as the action of the trigger. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • SMS templates are different from email templates. In order to use a template with an SMS Trigger you must save the template as an SMS template. SMS templates have a length constraint so you may not simply use an existing email template as an sms template. You may have to shorten the template.

  • The user or guest you are sending the trigger to must have a valid phone number. Tokeet will let you know if there is no phone number for the user, however it cannot check the guest data as this data may not currently exists. If the user or guest has a phone number, but the number is not valid then the trigger will fail quietly. This means that no alert or error message will be sent. You should enter the fully qualified phone number for each user. In the U.S. this is Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number. The same applies to most other countries. Click here for a great phone number validator tool. 

  • You should test your triggers once after creation. If you trigger is for internal users only then we recommend sending a test message by performing the event associated with the trigger. This may not be exactly possible for time-based triggers. In the case of time-based triggers you should change the trigger type then test the trigger. Once testing is complete you can switch to a time-based setting.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • the SMS cannot be longer than 160 characters after the data dictionary codes are converted, so the rule of thumb is to keep them short.

  • no + sign or 00 leading off the numbers

  • country code must be included

  • the SMS will come from a USA phone number

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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