Creating a new website with Tokeet Website Builder is easy!   Here are a few examples of amazing websites created with Website Builder:

Create a New Website

  • Navigate to Websites > Use "New" Drop-down and select Rental Website
  • Complete required info: Website Title, Brief Description (included on your homepage), subdomain and Tokeet domain, Linked Rental, and Website Template
  • Click “Save”

On the subsequent Website Details page, you will need to add a few more pieces of info.

  • Select Rate Category to display on your website
  • Toggle "Enable online bookings" if you would like to allow guests to use the Tokeet booking engine.  Credit card information from your guests will be saved to your connected Stripe account, and you can decide when to charge them via an electronic invoice.  
  • Scroll down to the lower left hand side navigation, and customize your website further.
  • Template Settings: customize Fonts and Colors, your website Tagline, as well as a description that will be placed in the website's footer.
  • Other Pages:  you may add additional pages to your website simply by creating a new page here. Your additional pages will be linked from the homepage of your website.
  • Components: enable or disable sections of your website.  You can also add Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or Facebook tracking code simply by pasting in the ID in this section.
  • Contact Information
  • Links: enter URLs for your blog, as well as your Facebook, Twitter, and other social accounts
  • Resources: include custom CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code in your site
  • Images: your website will use images you've uploaded at Rental Settings. You can also add new images here.  
  • Use the orange Preview button to view your changes in real time.
  • Save and Publish to set your website live.

Pro Tips and Best Practices

Secure Domain

  • You can simply change your Tokeet website URL to https:// to support secure serving, example:
  • You can make sure your website always redirects to the secure version by adding the following code in the Resources > "Raw JavaScript" section of your website:
if (window.location.protocol == "http:") {
        window.location = ""

(where  is the secure version of your Tokeet website)

Multi-Property Website

  • If you select multiple Rentals under your website, you will create a multi-property site.  
  • The first page will be a Search page, with the subsequent page showing all properties that match a guest's search criteria.  
  • Here's an example of a multi-property site:

Use your own domain with your Tokeet website

  • You can also use your own domain with your Tokeet website - by making a few simple DNS changes.   Read more about this process here.

Upload and set a custom website logo

  • You can upload and set a custom logo for your website.
  • Navigate to Websites > Images menu 
  • Upload an image that will serve as your site logo
  • To set it as a logo, mouse over the image and select "make logo"

As always, we're here to help. Please feel free to email with any questions.

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