Now that you have connected to the Airbnb API, ALL rentals must be created in Tokeet only.  Below are the simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Rentals module in tokeet. Then click on the green Add button to add your new rental to Tokeet.

2.  follow all the required steps to adding a rental and press save.

3. After you have created your rental, make sure you set your GPS location, Detail information (amenities, etc).

** keep in mind that you must have at least 5 amenities in your rental before you will be allowed to create a rental in airbnb.

4.  You will also want to update and save info in your "rental instructions"

5. Another important factor that must be noted is that previously, your base rate was imported from Airbnb into tokeet. Now you must create the base in Tokeet to be pushed out to Airbnb.  Make sure your rates are set up correctly and save them.

6.  Navigate to the Channels page and click on the 3 small dots next to any rental then scroll to the Channel Details page:

7.  On the next page, look for the orange Actions button towards the top of the page. Click that and scroll down to 'Create a listing'.

8. choose your account ID and choose your newly created rental and click 'Create'

9.  After you click 'Create' you will then see your newly created rental on the same page in the Mapped Rentals section

10. On the same page, click on the 3 small dots to the far right of your rental and choose 'Connection Details'

11.  On the next page, look for the orange "Actions" button and scroll down to "Booking Preferences"

12.  Fill in all the necessary information in the fields for your rental and press 'Save'

13.  On the same page, you will want to click the same 'Actions' button and "Sync Images" and what this does is push all your images from Tokeet to airbnb. * You must have at least 7 images for your rental *

14.  Next will be "Update Listing Details"

15.  Set Review Status

16.  Select "Ready for Review"

17.  Go to your Airbnb and Refresh your page and you will notice that your newly created rental is there and listed.

This process will be completed for each new rental that you create in Airbnb with this connection.

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