Connecting your co-hosted Airbnb listing to Tokeet via Airbnb API requires a few additional steps for completion.

It has been confirmed from Airbnb that co-hosted rentals are supported through the airbnb.  The following solutions will allow you to keep your availability and messaging sync'd with your co-hosted account:

Syncing Availability

  1. Connect the rental to the Airbnb API and run Import Bookings (Push Availability will not work, the following steps are to clear that up)
  2. Return to the Channels screen
  3. Click the green Add Channels button and select Unknown from the pull-down menu.

   5. Click Add Export and select your rental.

  6. In the pop-up that appears, locate and copy your Tokeet calendar URL: 

  7. Scroll down and click Activate Connection to finish.

  8. In Airbnb and click under availability  scroll down to sync calendars, click Import Calendar

  9. Paste your Tokeet calendar URL here, add a Name and click Import Calendar.

  10. Your co-hosted Airbnb listing will not be able to push availability from Airbnb to Tokeet. Booking imports will still be performed via API.

Syncing Messages

In order to maintain communication with guests in co-hosted Airbnb accounts, you will need to click on the Live Chat button in the bottom-right corner of your Tokeet account, and provide us with your Tokeet Account ID, and your Airbnb property ID.

You can copy and paste the following message:

Dear Tokeet Support,

I have a co-hosted Airbnb account, and I need to add my account to your mail service. My information is below.

Tokeet Account ID: <insert account id number here>
Airbnb Co-hosted Property ID: <insert airbnb account id number here>

Thank you.

Our team will send a confirmation reply once the update has been made, and your messaging will resume through Tokeet for any co-hosted listings on that account.

As always, please contact us with questions any time. We're happy to help.

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