Q. Will I still be able to use my Tokeet triggers or will I be forced to pay for Automata?
A.  Currently, Tokeet triggers is still accessible as before and signing up for Automata is not mandatory.  However, in the planned release of Tokeet version 3 (TV3) later this year we will be having some basic trigger functions in the base Tokeet product otherwise you will be required to use Automata for full automation features.

Q.  Will I be allowed to get a trial for Automata and Signature as I did with my Tokeet trial?
A. Automata and Signature were in open beta for two months from July to September for all users. The open beta period has ended and the applications have entered the full release phase. Users will only be afforded trials of Automata and Signature when signing up with Tokeet for the first time. Once a new user signs up for the 15 trial, they will have access to both Automata and Signature applications.  Existing Tokeet user will NOT be given access to the Automata or Signature trials. 

Q. I am using the Automata trial now. How long will I be able to continue using it before I need to pay.
A.  The Automata open beta ended on September 24th. Users are now required to subscribe to a paid Automata plan in order to access the application.  

Q.  Can I pay for specific rentals in Automata that I want the triggers to apply to?
A.   No. Automata is based on all rentals within your Tokeet account.

Q.  Will I still be able to use Tokeet's sms feature or will it be replaced with Automata.
A.  Tokeet's sms functionality will be replaced with Automata and all sms features will only be available within Automata

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