Migrating to a new channel manager can be a difficult process.  With all of the nuances introduced by connecting with multiple listing sites, this can result in a frustrating experience. We would like to minimize your frustration by offering you hands-free setup using our implementation program.

With Tokeet Implementations you will receive hands-on assistance from one of our Technical Consultants while you go through the steps of setting up your new Tokeet account.

Am I eligible to receive implementation assistance?

Tokeet implementations are currently being offered to new users with paid subscriptions who use Tokeet to manage 3 or more rentals.  Accounts on the Free or Entry plans are not eligible to take advantage of this offer.  This program is designed to help new users on-board and is not intended to be utilized as technical consultation for established accounts.

Also please note that in order to properly communicate during this process you will need a computer capable of running one of the following conferencing applications.

Google Hangouts is the preferred conferencing app.


As a secondary option we can use Skype.


Is there a cost associated with implementation?

Implementation is priced at $500 USD per 2-3 hour block of time.  If you require implementation of multiple Tokeet products (Automata, Signature, Tokeet) we will schedule 3 hours of implementation time, while users who only use Tokeet will be scheduled for 2 hours.

The $500 dollar fee can be waived for Tokeet users with between 3 and 15 properties.  This is pending a short needs assessment call with your assigned Technical Consultant. Your consultant will determine if the work needed will be possible to complete within the capped time frame.

How do I get started?

If you have not already received a email regarding implementation, the first step will be to request implementation assistance via our support staff using the live chat feature in your Tokeet account.  Support will verify that your account meets the criteria and send you a link to a form with a few short questions about your needs.

We're happy you've chosen Tokeet and can't wait to get your setup.

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