Occasionally, you may need to update your Airbnb Credentials in Tokeet.  Otherwise, Tokeet will not be able to login to your Airbnb account which will result in your connection being Disabled until you update your credentials.  

Updating your Airbnb credentials is easy in Tokeet.

  • First, navigate to your Channels Connections list by clicking "Channels" in Tokeet
  • Find any Airbnb API connection and click the edit (three dots) icon to the right of it
  • Select "Channel Detail" to navigate to the Airbnb Channel Detail page
  • On the Airbnb Channel Detail page, click orange Actions button
  • Click the "Update credentials" option.  
  •  Select the Airbnb account you would like to update.
  • Enter your new username and password and click the save button.

Note:  At this point, you may get a popup asking you to click over to the Airbnb site to verify your account.  

  • Click "Verify Account" to go to the Airbnb site
  • On the Airbnb site, you will be asked to verify your account a code via Email or SMS.  
  • Once you receive this code, paste it into Airbnb to verify your account 
  • Go back to Tokeet and click “OK” on the popup.

That's it, your Airbnb credentials are now updated!

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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