Tokeet Signature is a built-in electronic signature application which is fully integrated with all Tokeet features. The first step in using Tokeet Signature is to create a new contract template. To create a new contract template, first click on Settings, then select My Templates to visit the Templates section. Next, click the green "New" button, then select Contract Template.

A contract template is just like any other template you might create in Tokeet. You simply enter your contract details in the text field provided. You must enter text, and cannot use a PDF file. Once you have copied and pasted your contract you may insert any of the data dictionary fields from your data dictionary. When creating a contract template you must insert the contract data dictionary tokens. Specifically, *|CONTRACT:SIGNATURE|* and *|CONTRACT:DATE|*. You may also include *|CONTRACT:COUNTERSIGN|* if you want to automatically countersign your contracts.

The *|CONTRACT:SIGNATURE|* will be automatically replaced with a signature button so the guest can click to sign the contract. Please put this token where you want the guest signature to appear. The *|CONTRACT:DATE|* will automatically be replaced with the data using the guest's local time.  You should place this where you want the date to appear. Finally, the *|CONTRACT:COUNTERSIGN|* will be replaced with your saved signature once the guest has signed the document. Place this token where you want your signature to appear. You will be asked to provide a signature to be used for the counter signature when you click the save button.

Please keep in mind that signatures are much larger than the font used in the contract so you must place these tokens appropriately so they do not significantly distort the text flow. We highly recommend placing them on lines by themselves. Also, please do not stylize the contract data dictionary tokens. This means that you should avoid using bold, italic, or other formatted text options. This will cause the system to not recognize the tokens. 

You may want to test the contract template before sending it to a guest. Simply create an inquiry with you as the guest, using your own email address, then go to the messages section and select the contract template. Finally, send the message.

This is a great way to ensure that your contract is formatted correctly before sending it to a guest.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Tokeet Support or browse our Tokeet Support database.

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