The most powerful aspect of Tokeet Signature is the ability to send a contract automatically using triggers. However, you may want to edit the contract template to add or remove sections prior to sending the contract to your guest. You can easily do this directly from your Inquiry messages page.

Navigate to the guest inquiry, then click on the New Message button to go to the messages page. On this page, you can select a template to send to the guest. Select a contract template which you previously created. You cannot create contract templates from the messages page. You must go to the Message Templates section under Settings to create a new contract template. 

Please note that when you select a contract template it will not be sent as a standard email. Instead, contract templates are sent as a "request for signature" message with the body of the contract itself presented in the Signature app for signing after the user clicks the contract link in the email.

When editing a contract template in the messages page, you will notice a few contract tokens. Specifically, [sign], [date], and [countersign]. Please DO NOT edit these tokens. They are used by the Signature app to render the respective contract components. Removing these will render the contract incapable of signing.

You will also be given the option to require your guest to upload a proof of ID when they sign the contract.

Once you have edited the contract as you wish, simply click the Send button-- and you're done! Your contract is sent to your guest for signature. Once they've digitally signed the contract, you will both receive a digital signed copy for your records.

If you have any further questions please reach out to Tokeet Support or browse our Help database. 

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