How do I delete a guest’s details when I delete their inquiry?

When you delete an inquiry from a guest, you might also want to delete the guest’s details from your account in order to reduce clutter in your Tokeet dashboard. This comes in handy whenever there is unwanted mail coming to your Tokeet inquiry inbox. Tokeet makes this process simple and easy.

  1. Select the Inquiries tab on the left hand sidebar of your dashboard.
  2. Now click on the inquiry you wish to delete from the list of all inquiries.
  3. Click on the “Actions” button in the top right hand corner of the inquiry page, then select “Delete”.
  4. In the dialog box that opens you’ll notice a checkbox marked “Also delete guest record”. If you’d like to delete the guest’s record along with their inquiry, leave this box checked and continue.
  5. Your guest’s inquiry and their details have been deleted from your Tokeet account.

Keeping your inquiry database and calendar current and updated is an effective way to stay organized throughout the renting process and during interactions with your guests. By deleting guest inquiries and details that you no longer need you can keep your dashboard free of unnecessary information and clutter.


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