Create Rentals by connecting to Airbnb

If you work with Airbnb, Tokeet will import your Airbnb listings and create Tokeet Rentals for you.  Rentals correspond to property listings in Tokeet.

  • Navigate to Channels > "Add Channel"
  • Select Airbnb API  > "Add"
  • Enter your credentials and select the "Import Rentals" option.
  • Please see the below video on creating Rentals by connecting to Airbnb.

Create Rentals by entering property data

  • If you've already Imported Rentals by connecting to Airbnb: skip this step. 
  • Navigate to Rentals > Rental Settings > "Add"
  • Please see the below video on creating Rentals in Tokeet.  

That's it!  You are now ready to move on to setting your Rental Rates, at the Rental Settings > Rates & Payments menu.   Each rental needs to include at minimum a Base Rate and a Standard Rate.  

Please see our Rates Overview article for an in-depth view on creating, managing, and pushing rates to your API connected channels. 

Please contact us with questions any time!  We are thrilled to have you onboard and wish you a most successful vacation rental business.   

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