Triggers, or Automations, are a key benefit of Tokeet.  
A trigger is an instruction to Tokeet to perform a particular action when an event occurs. For example, triggers can be used to notify you and your guests via email or SMS when a new booking is received.  Tokeet currently does not automatically send email when events occur, so we recommend setting up triggers in order to receive account notifications.

Before creating a trigger, you need to build a Message Template.  Triggers require message templates to work.

Triggers are extremely powerful, and are easy to create in Tokeet.  

  • Navigate to Settings > Automation
  • Click "Create" to build a new trigger.

Complete required fields:

 Select event that will trigger your template being sent

  • Guest Created: Guest is created either via the dashboard, from a Tokeet website or widget, or from a channel connection.
  • Guest Updated: Guest is updated via the dashboard or a channel connection.
  • Guest Deleted: Guest is deleted from the dashboard.
  • Guest Message: Message is received from a guest
  • Inquiry Created: Inquiry is created via the dashboard, a Tokeet website or widget, or an API channel connection.
  • Booking Confirmed: Booking confirmed via dashboard or connected API channel
  • Booking Cancelled: Booking cancelled via dashboard or connected API channel
  • Hold Created: Hold event is created via the dashboard or connected iCal channel
  • Hold Deleted: Hold event is deleted via the dashboard or connected iCal channel
  • Invoice Created
  • Invoice Paid 
  • Invoice Cancelled 
  • Contract Signed
  • Contract Rejected
  • Time-based events: specify an action that occurs at a particular time around another event.  Learn more about time-based triggers here.  
  • iCal Import Error
  • Critical Error
  • Channel Disabled: inform your internal team that a channel connection is disabled, and that action needs to be taken by your team in Tokeet.  

If selected, the trigger will fire only for event on this channel(s)

If selected, the trigger will fire only for event on this rental(s)

  • Send Email Message 
  • Send Contract 
  • Send SMS Message (Read more here)
  • Send HTTP Post: (Read more here)
  • Send Push Notification: (Read more here)
  • Select internal users (Administrators, Property Managers, Property Owner, Accounting and House Staff) to send the template to
  • Select "Also Send to Guest" to include guest

 Select a message template, or create a new one

Your new trigger is now created!  You are returned to the Triggers-Message Automation Screen.

Here, you can use filters to search among existing triggers, edit and delete triggers, or toggle the status of each trigger between "Active" and "Paused."

: once a Trigger is created, it is important to be mindful of actions taken via the Tokeet dashboard as they may fire a trigger event each time. For example, repeatedly canceling and confirming a booking may send multiple email messages to a guest.

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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